A Story of Two:

 Article and Photography Kris Lodhi  When we hear the words "refined food," we instinctively have a clear picture in our heads. A high-end eatery, serving delicate caviar and hearty truffles that are light on the stomach but certainly not on the wallet—not to mention it can sometimes be months before such a spot will even have an opening for a reservation.  If, like…

Five Things I Love with Zak Lodhi

 Article and Photography  1. "Writing for Green Valley Lifestyle magazine is a truly profound experience. It gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people in our community. It also helps fuel my passion for the literary world."  2. "I love hanging out at the Matcha House Tea and Sweets. It's a fantastic atmosphere to get my creative juices flowing. My…

Hoppy + Fresh

 Photography Colleen Kelly  Homemade Hops-Infused Dog Shampoo   Perfect for a fresh, deep clean scented with hops. 

Happy Trails, Happy Tails

 Article Emily O'Brien  Looking to beat the heat this summer? One of the best ways to do it is by heading up to higher ground. But there’s no need to leave your four-legged friend behind! We’ve scouted the top hiking trails for people and pets, along with a few other canine-friendly activities that will bring out the best in both of you.…

Craft & Cocktail

 Photography Brook Lark  The Goods  Ice

Celebrating Family

When you think of family, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the people you share your mornings with: the husband or wife who makes you breakfast, the toddler who wakes you up before sunrise or the drooling pup in the kitchen just itching for a full dish of food. Maybe it’s the people you share … Continued

Field of Honor

Green Valley Lifestyle Magazine was honored to be a media partner covering the Field of Honor. The Rotary Club of Green Valley was proud to have brought its inaugural Field of Honor flag display to Henderson and Clark County over Memorial Day weekend of 2018. There were more than 800 flags standing in a solemn formation to honor heroes in our … Continued