The Oasis at Death Valley

 Article Zak Lodhi | Photography Provided by Oasis at Death Valley  Here in Vegas, we're pretty used to the heat. But when you want to get away and cool down for a bit, we have a great spot that's not where you would expect. The Oasis at Death Valley indeed doesn't sound like a fun place to cool off. But once…

PKWY Tavern

 Article Kris Lodhi  PKWY Tavern is the perfect spot to relax on warm summer nights. Its 3,000-square-foot patio has an outdoor bar, giant Jenga and ConnectFour, beer pong, picnic tables, cornhole, shuffleboard, board games and more. PKWY boasts more than 250 beers plus a menu full of American comfort food like chicken wings and burgers (and breakfast 24/7). Below, PKWY shares a…

Me Gusta Tacos

 Article Zalk Lodhi | Photography Photos Provided by Me Gusta Tacos  Guacamole  Ingredients

Dog Days

Ahhhh, summer. Time for backyard pool parties and family vacations. Time for kids to run after the ice cream truck when the telltale sound of its music turns onto your street to secure the perfect sweet treat to beat the heat. For the loud explosion of fireworks on the Fourth of July, the shriveled fingertips … Continued

Green Valley Lifestyle May Cover Launch Party

Green Valley Lifestyle held its May cover launch party at Bottiglia at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino. Guests included Mayor Debra March, Rena McDonald, Desiree Reed-Francois, Robyn Yates, Dana Earhart, Michele Melnick and Steve Orrico.

Jewelry with Enlightenment

 Article Kris Lodhi | Photography Nick Lodhi  Jewelry artist Sue Conway finds inspiration while doing yoga. She calls her original pieces Enlightenment Jewelry. Sue sees her designs and color combinations while on her yoga mat.  It all started when her dad bought a tumbler and some grit. Together they shoveled a scoop of driveway rocks into the tumbler. After about…