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An award-winning photographer, Holly Burke loves Green Valley for its amazing people. After traveling extensively across the United States, she is so excited to be a part of 
this community. 

Secrets From Local Fitness Experts

"The most rewarding part about being a movement coach is watching the faces of clients who come to the realization that focusing on movement quality will get them the results they want and decrease injuries and increase enjoyment of exercise. If you move well, you'll move more often!" —Tony Cress, Tony Cress Training Center

Cheers to the New Year

"In 2018, I hope to toast a healthy, growing and sustainable Las Vegas economy, a calmer national landscape (in every sense of the word, from national disasters to politics) and a Stanley Cup for the Las Vegas Golden Knights! Cheers." —Scott Muelrath, president, Henderson Chamber of Commerce

Thanksgiving Traditions

Family traditions come in all shapes and sizes and mine are no exception. With the majority of my family living in Montana, my husband, son Isaac and I are quite grateful for our Windermere Family traditions here in Las Vegas. We take the opportunity to host a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration where all our Windermere agents, staff, business partners and their…

Coach Rich Ryerson’s Top 5 Sports Moments

Coach Rich Ryerson has been the head coach of the UNLV's men’s soccer team since 2010 but has a long history with UNLV before his time as head coach. Playing for UNLV's men’s soccer team in 1983, ’84 and ’85, and working as the assistant coach from 2008-09, Coach Rich’s enthusiasm for the program runs deep. Passionate about building friendships…