Dining at DragonRidge Country Club

One of the greatest draws to any country club is the dining. When a club’s dining is sensational, as is commonly noted about the restaurants at DragonRidge Country Club, then word of mouth tends to drive new membership enrollment. If the dining at a country club is just fair, then that too will be reflected in stagnant membership numbers.  Thanks in…

Rachel’s Kitchen 

The world is a fast place. Everyone is always going somewhere, rushing to get to their location, so they can rush back. We don't take the time anymore to slow down and appreciate life at its finest. With the holiday season already upon us, it is even more critical that we take our time.

A Trifecta of Libations

 Article and Photography Zak Lodhi  A good time with friends or family or a place to kick back with the guys. If this is what you long for, then look no further than this trifecta of libations. Grape Expectations will undoubtedly exceed yours, with fantastic winemaking and tasting. CraftHaus Brewery offers a sneak peek behind the curtain, or hang out…

Green Valley’s Best Kept Secret

Here at Green Valley Lifestyle, we love great food; we also love finding hidden gems in the community. We found a way to satisfy both those needs with Sprocket Bar and Restaurant.

Breakfast & Lunch are Served

Nestled in the back of a Green Valley strip mall, chef Matthew Meyer brings a unique menu to the Green Valley area. A California transplant, Meyer tried his culinary artistry in other avenues, such as a fusion taco food truck and a small café before opening his latest venture, Served, located at 1770 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, #100.