Volkswagen Arteon

“Artem,” the Latin word for art, is where the new VW Arteon takes its namesake from. It is quite clear to see why, as the cutting visage of VW’s latest vehicle has been upgraded for 2020. After the shocking reveal of the 2019 Arteon, VW has continued to pursue its new direction of sedans, and the 2020 Artem is a…

2020 Lincoln Corsair

Comfort, style, perfection. I won't waste your time; the new 2020 Lincoln Corsair is the cultivation of years of Lincoln engineering and development to create something genuinely different. You aren't purchasing a car; you're obtaining a truly incredible experience. Blacked-Out Floating Roof A floating roof is no new trick. Many car manufacturers will separate the roof from the chassis to create…

Sporty and Stylish

The powerful and dynamic Volvo XC40 demands your full attention. A subcompact crossover with futuristic tech and design, the XC40 perfectly embodies modern Volvos. An upscale charm practically oozes from this model, while still throwing its own unique element into the mix. Every detail matters, and every model XC40 carries the cutting edge in technology, such as the inductive charging for smartphone and…

2020 Aviator

Lincoln is entering into the midsize luxury SUV market with the Aviator. All-new for 2020, the Lincoln Aviator is sexy, bold, decadent and brimming with technology powerhouse. Standard in the Aviator is a Twin-Turbocharged 3.0L V6 engine with Stop-Start Technology. And let's not forget 10-Speed SelectShift Automatic Transmission. An option you don't want to forget in the Aviator Grand Touring is the Hybrid powertrain to provide nearly instant torque.

2018 Audi Q5

With impressive power, cutting-edge technology and an evolutionary design, the 2018 Audi Q5 is worth talking about.