Green Valley Lifestyle Magazine Cover Party

Green Valley Lifestyle Magazine held a cover party and social mixer at CraftHaus Brewery. A special thanks to CraftHaus Brewery, Vegas Valley Winery and Las Vegas Distillery for sharing some specialty beer, wine and spirits.

Born and Raised

 Article and Photography  We all at times can enjoy a specialty cocktail or craft beer with our favorite bartender at our local pub. And there's no shame in it; many a time we've had a few laughs and some good drinks.  Indeed, your local tavern, pub or bar is probably a welcome sight after a long day of work, to hang…

Style for the Ages

We’ve all had that moment when our closet is full but we can’t find a single thing to wear. Whether it’s too big, too small, or just plain last season, the perfect outfit can be difficult to find. It’s no wonder, too. Our style is the first thing the rest of the world sees, and … Continued


 Article Kris Lodhi | Photography Provided by CRAFTkitchen  A FAMILY OF CHEFS WITH A DREAM.  CRAFTkitchen chef Jaret Blinn lives by the golden rule of food: Feed people how you would want to be fed. An awarded pastry chef with two decades of experience in the kitchen at Ritz-Carltons in Maui, San Francisco and Lake Las Vegas (before becoming executive…


 Article Zak Lodhi | Photography Photos provided by Mathnasium  Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty." This is, of course, true with almost everything that we do in life, including school. However, it is more often true for math. Unless you are part of a tiny part of…

Studio Khroma Grand Opening Party

At the grand opening party of Studio Khroma, guests met the people behind this organic hair salon and boutique spa. 8876 S. Eastern Ave., Suite 104, Las Vegas, Nevada, 702.868.6090,

A Story of Two:

 Article and Photography Kris Lodhi  When we hear the words "refined food," we instinctively have a clear picture in our heads. A high-end eatery, serving delicate caviar and hearty truffles that are light on the stomach but certainly not on the wallet—not to mention it can sometimes be months before such a spot will even have an opening for a reservation.  If, like…

Five Things I Love with Zak Lodhi

 Article and Photography  1. "Writing for Green Valley Lifestyle magazine is a truly profound experience. It gives me the opportunity to meet amazing people in our community. It also helps fuel my passion for the literary world."  2. "I love hanging out at the Matcha House Tea and Sweets. It's a fantastic atmosphere to get my creative juices flowing. My…

Hoppy + Fresh

 Photography Colleen Kelly  Homemade Hops-Infused Dog Shampoo   Perfect for a fresh, deep clean scented with hops. 

Happy Trails, Happy Tails

 Article Emily O'Brien  Looking to beat the heat this summer? One of the best ways to do it is by heading up to higher ground. But there’s no need to leave your four-legged friend behind! We’ve scouted the top hiking trails for people and pets, along with a few other canine-friendly activities that will bring out the best in both of you.…