Christmas time is an iconic holiday season. Yes, it is not just Christmas that makes its appearance during this time, Quanza and Hanukkah are both other staples of this season. But for such an iconic holiday, deserves an equal city to celebrate in. New York, New York! The backdrop for many a classic Christmas tale, like Elf, Home alone 2, and Miracle on 34th street. An amalgam of adventure and admirability, New York City is often held in high regard when concerned with holiday season hospitality. So why not take a trip through the concrete jungle this December and head up to New York, New York. This handy guide will be indispensable, as it leads you through the best events and locations for a healthy dose of holiday cheer. First up is a season classic, the Magic Flute play. Performed until Jan 2020 at the Metropolitan Opera, a family-friendly twist on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Magic Flute. This English-language version is full of holiday spirit and enchantment. Conductor Lothar Koenigs leads the production by Julie Taymor (from Broadway’s The Lion King). Fresh off the heels of the Magic Flute, why not grab a bite to eat? Birds of a Feather is a minimalist Sichuan spot in Williamsburg that you won’t often find on the best food lists of the city. This hidden Gem serves delicacies made with the utmost care; poached wontons in chili oil, mapo tofu, and sliced lamb with cumin and ginger are all staples on the menu. With your culinary and artistic palettes satisfied, let’s take a bit of a different turn with our next spot.  As mentioned previously, New York City seems to be a magnet for the feel-good Christmas movies we have all seen and loved. So what list of holiday New York spots would be complete without the iconic Rockefeller center ice rink! Often called the world’s most famous ice rink, no trip to the big apple would be complete without at least a lap around its historic ice. And don’t worry about the lines, you can make individual reservations for your trip on the frost. The final location may be a surprising one, but it’s undoubtedly one up to par with the rest of this list. The New York Botanicanical Garden Holiday Train Show is a mouthful of a location, but an unforgettable experience. Small model trains crawl their way through a painstakingly crafted miniature New York City’s. The most incredible part? It’s all made entirely out of plant parts. The Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and the Woolworth Building. are all shown in the photos here and are among the more than 175 landmarks that line the train tracks. All built from seeds, bark, leaves, and twigs, serviced by a robust half-mile of track, all nestled within the stunning and historic Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. This year’s train show is inspired by Central Park, with replicas of popular features like Belvedere Castle and the Dairy. Other events coinciding with the train show include a cappella performances, classical music concerts, poetry reading, and activities for kids. These are just a few of the headliners from New York, a classic choice for a Christmas celebration.