Making Your Ring Look Like it Did When You First Said ‘I Do’

Your wedding day is an especially momentous occasion. However, what is the No. 1 thing you remember from that special day? Was it the venue? Or perhaps your significant other’s vows? Or maybe it is your wedding ring, that perfect expression of love that marriage brings and unifies. 

When was the last time you had your wedding ring inspected? Even in just a month’s time, a lot can go wrong, and it can leave your ring with worn and weak prongs, missing gemstones or scratches. For such an essential item in one’s life, it is equally important to have someone who cares as much as you do about that ring and the memories and sentiment that come with it.

Look no further than Fast Fix Jewelry and Watch Repairs. Owned and operated by Kalin Manchev and his wife, Lamia, Fast Fix prides itself in the highest of professional care for your beloved and timeless expressions of love, your wedding rings. Fast Fix offers safety inspections, cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating for white gold and silver rings every Wednesday at all three locations. This extensive and meticulous process will have your ring look as good as the day you were proposed to.

How much can an invaluable service like this cost? Well, on every Wednesday—or “Wedding Ring Wednesday,” as they like to call it—it is completely free.

“We as women want our ring to look its best,” Lamia says.

Fast Fix Jewelry is all about giving back to the community and building trust. They achieve this by providing this service to help your symbol of eternal love look just as it did the first time you said, “I do.” Restoring and protecting your priceless treasures is just part of the job that Kalin and Lamia pride themselves on doing better than any other jeweler in the Valley. (They should know; they’ve been here for 23 years!)

The first time I had the pleasure of using their service was for my mother’s wedding ring. I remember the day well. It was at their Galleria Mall location. With the inspection, I found out that a prong needed to be fixed so as not to lose the center stone. They made me feel special, and I knew they were going to do a good job and take care of my mother’s ring. When I got the ring back, the band was so shiny, and the stones had such sparkle. It brought back memories of me as a little girl holding my mother’s hand watching her ring with the sunlight casting shiny little stars on the wall of our living room—”dancing fairy lights,” we would call them.

The ring was beautiful. I had Kalin, Lamia and their wonderful team to thank for it.

 “Restoring these rings to their original luster is all about helping men and women. It’s about the heart,” Lamia says. “Making your ring look like it did when you gave the first ‘yes’ always brings back memories, and seeing their happy smiles as they remember—all of that is the best feeling in the world.”