Rachel’s Kitchen  2

Wholesome Food, Delicious Recipes

The world is a fast place. Everyone is always going somewhere, rushing to get to their location, so they can rush back. We don’t take the time anymore to slow down and appreciate life at its finest. With the holiday season already upon us, it is even more critical that we take our time.

If I had to tell everyone reading this article one thing, it would be to slow down. Thankfully then, I have the perfect example to show. Rachel’s Kitchen has been taking the slow road for years and is the ideal combination of class and affordability. Neither a fast food joint nor your several hundred dollar steakhouses, Rachel’s Kitchen has been reinventing the meaning of the word franchise. Yes, believe it or not, the warm, welcoming and whimsical interior of Rachel’s Kitchen is indeed a franchise. However, this is where the similarities between Rachel’s Kitchen and most franchises end. Every location is owned by a professionally trained manager whose job it is to uphold the ideals of the restaurant.

“The core management team of Rachel’s are Debbie Roxarzade [founder and CEO] and Kent Asaki [chief development officer and fellow franchisee], says John Henderson, the franchise owner of the Warm Springs Rachel’s Kitchen. “Kent is a former partner of mine at consulting giant Accenture and a friend for over 25 years.”

Confused on the name of the restaurant? Well, Debbie decided to name the restaurant after her daughter, Rachel. But enough about the founder. 

“I had expressed interest in potentially investing in Rachel’s, but when Kent approached me with the HGI opportunity, it didn’t take me long to become a full franchise, to pursue retro-fitting the Rachel’s format into the existing HGI restaurant,” he says.

And there you have it; I told you Rachel’s Kitchen wasn’t like other franchises. And their food reflects this, serving all-day breakfast from their list of ace dishes. Breakfast not your thing? Don’t be worried at all! They also have gourmet sandwiches, freshly squeezed juices and delectable portions of pasta. And while the taste is the primary concern for Rachel’s Kitchen, health is certainly important. All of their burger buns can be swapped out for lettuce wraps, and there are many vegan and gluten substitutes. Yet while Rachel’s Kitchen is moving so quickly into the future, they still take their time. So stop by any time you want to slow down and enjoy a nice healthy meal.  

1340 W. Warm Springs Road, Henderson, 702.873.3700