Subtracting Challenges, Adding Success

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” This is, of course, true with almost everything that we do in life, including school. However, it is more often true for math. Unless you are part of a tiny part of the population that is naturally gifted at math, it was probably one of the harder subjects for you; I believe that is something we can all agree on.

But you must have gotten through it somehow by either spending hours upon hours studying the issue or perhaps begging your teacher for extra credit. Whatever method you employed, there is probably another thing we can all agree on: We don’t want our children to suffer through that. And just not taking math isn’t even within the realm of possibility. With 95 percent of the highest paying jobs straight out of college requiring high-level math, it is simply unavoidable.

However, if Batman is the hero of Gotham, then Mathnasium is the hero of any child taking a math course. While the subject they teach is rigid, their method is assuredly not. With the options of private tutoring and summer programs, Mathnasium tailors a custom approach to every child’s needs. And this is all possible because of their hand-picked team of specialty math tutors. These tutors undergo extensive training to learn Mathnasium’s unique and enjoyable approach.

This patented pantheon of learning is all made possible because of Nicholas Mele, the owner of Green Valley Mathnasium. For 20 years, Nick taught all levels of math at Green Valley High School, from pre-algebra to AP Calculus BC and IB Math HL. Based on AP and IB Exams, GVHS was selected to Newsweek‘s Top Schools eight times. Nick also has more than 10 years of experience as a teacher instructor, designing and teaching courses for a masters in mathematics education program.

Mathnasium can turn any struggling math student into the next Einstein of our time. Look, math is rarely easy, but just because something requires more effort does not make it harder. I wasn’t the best math student myself, but going to math tutoring wholly turned around my grade. And with an average improvement rate of 88 percent, you’ll see the difference. Help your kids, grades K to 12, have a strong foundation in math, and take them to Mathnasium.

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