Bringing the Local Back to Local Pubs

We all at times can enjoy a specialty cocktail or craft beer with our favorite bartender at our local pub. And there’s no shame in it; many a time we’ve had a few laughs and some good drinks.

Indeed, your local tavern, pub or bar is probably a welcome sight after a long day of work, to hang out with friends and family and to relax. And yet, with all the great times we experience, it’s always the same old things.

Even at the local tavern level in Henderson, operations are much less personal. Everything seems to be run with a corporate emphasis on the “bottom line,” and less emphasis is placed on the personal relationships with clients that once were the hallmark of successful Las Vegas operations. However, there are at least some people out there who are willing to change that.

Scott Godino Jr. is the owner and founder of Born and Raised and has for many years embraced a vision for operating not a bar but the spark that will start a rolling wildfire in the industry—a place where customer service and customer relationships once again are the hallmark for doing business in this beautiful town.

“Hospitality is the heart of Born and Raised,” Scott says. “Our mission is to delight our guests with exceptional service, product and atmosphere. Our service-first culture creates a timeless experience in which the hospitality industry was founded. We strive for continuous improvement and ensure that no guest leaves without an incredible memory.”

And Born and Raised indeed adheres to this. Split into both a tremendous private room and a general bar, it’s always a beautiful place to hang out and unwind after a long day. My favorite place in Born and Raised is the convertible private room, with inviting lights and sumptuous fabrics. And never fear if knocking back shots isn’t your thing; Born and Raised also has a fantastic food menu. You can get anything from Anchor fries to a chorizo quesadilla or my personal favorite, the Cowboy Classic: certified Angus beef, barbecue sauce, bacon, cheddar cheese and onion rings.

Executive chef Aaron Raeder’s culinary education is far from conventional. Though he never formally trained at a culinary school, he has been a part of many successful projects like Carver’s Steakhouse in Green Valley, the Harley-Davidson Cafe on the Strip, Blue Note Jazz Club, Z Tejas Grill and Maggiano’s Little Italy.

“I believe in using only fresh, quality ingredients and preparing each item fresh when it is ordered,” Aaron says. “I hope people can taste the difference between our food and the rest of the industry.” 

10050 S. Eastern Ave. #170 Henderson, Nevada, 702.685.0258,