A fresh, modern approach to Mexican cuisine

Chris Connors and Li Sun, co-owners of Me Gusta Tacos, had very different starts to their culinary careers. Chris got into the restaurant business relatively late. He started his career at The Mirage. One of the VIP customers of the casino offered Chris a job to be GM of a group of sushi restaurants in San Diego. From there he fell in love with the industry. After three years in San Diego, Chris then accepted a position at Mix at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. After gaining invaluable experience, Chris was ready to start his own restaurant. He opened a franchise and ran it for four years.

Li, on the other hand, was born into the restaurant industry.

“I think I was peeling shrimp at my dad’s restaurant when I was 3 years old.” she says.

Li grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, and his family still owns a successful Chinese restaurant in Marin County. 

“I was always in the restaurant, I would do my homework there, and then I would help out my family,” he says.

After high school, Li attended UNLV and graduated with a hospitality degree.  Li opened Crepe Shack and Waffles in 2010 and sold his concept in 2015. Chris and Li met while working at Mandalay Bay. Li was a cabana host with Chris’ wife, Stacy.

When they both sold their restaurant within months of each other, they wanted to team up and create something in the city that was new and fresh. Enter Me Gusta Tacos. With healthier ingredients and newer cooking styles, Me Gusta Tacos is lighter, cleaner and more vibrant.

“There was a lack for modern Mexican cuisine in this city,” Li says. “Everything was traditional style – lots of lard, lots of grease, and most used cheap meats and produce.”

With charbroiled carne asada and Korean kalibi, the menu is both diverse and healthy. Chris says his favorite is the carnitas tacos with homemade salsa verde.

“When our carnitas comes out of the oven after six hours of being slow-cooked in a garlic and cinnamon rub, the cooks have to keep me away,” Chris says. “I can eat that entire thing.”

Chris and Li hope to expand their business, but they want to take their time and do it right.

“Pick good locations and grow slowly,” Li says. “Our primary focus will always be food quality and maintaining high service standards.”

2235 Village Walk Drive, #153, Henderson, Nevada, 702.998.2177, MeGustaTacos.com