Jewelry with Enlightenment

Artist Sue Conway’s Yoga-Inspired Pieces Evoke Tranquility

Jewelry artist Sue Conway finds inspiration while doing yoga. She calls her original pieces Enlightenment Jewelry. Sue sees her designs and color combinations while on her yoga mat.

It all started when her dad bought a tumbler and some grit. Together they shoveled a scoop of driveway rocks into the tumbler. After about right weeks, they’d check to see if any of the rocks were keepers.

She can now be seen selling her jewelry outside at Whole Foods at the District on the first Saturday of the month. You can also contact her at to find out about her next show.

Black spinel sterling silver drop necklace, $65

Amethyst and black spinel sterling silver necklace, $125

Green onyx, black spinel and freshwater pearl sterling silver earrings, $105

Ruby-colored chalcedony dangle earrings, $50

Ganesha turquoise and sterling silver necklace, $210