Cycle Core: Desire. Work. Change. 5

Helping the Community and its Members to Achieve Their Fitness Dreams

Discovering something you like is never easy. You want to find something that is fresh and new. It’s a delicate balance that a new cycling and fitness center has struck perfectly. Once you step into the Cycle Core studio—located at 10730 S. Eastern Ave. #130 Henderson, NV 89052—everything is unique. Two 11-foot screens allow you to control a virtual avatar. This lets Jared Palmer, or one of the hand-picked trainers on his team, focus on everybody in the class. Don’t worry about getting overwhelmed. Cycle Core also offers yoga classes and its patented Crosscore, an all-encompassing fitness experience. Cycle Core will help take you to your next level. Join the core!

Benefits of spin you can’t get from taking a pill

Increases O2 capacity.

Increases muscular endurance and strength.

Low-impact exercise reduces risk for injury and causes increased joint flexibility.

Increases heart stroke volume (heart pumps more blood per beat) and increases lung capacity.

Strengthens core and back.

Tones quads and glutes.

A 45-minute spin class burns around 500 calories.

Increases endorphins and promotes great mood and better sleep.