A Cut Above 10

Big B’s Texas BBQ

George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” If he’s right, then meet the genuinely spectacular meats at Big B’s Texas BBQ. What is Texas barbecue? True Texas-style barbecue prides itself on simplicity, and you don’t have to drive all the way to the Lone Star State to try it.

Brian Buechner, who co-owns Big B’s Texas BBQ with his wife, Natalia, says it best.

“Texas-style barbecue is all about the meat, not the sauce. Texas-style barbecue is fresh, quality meats—not brined, not injected with chemicals or flavor enhancers such as MSG, and not slathered in sauce,” he says. “Instead, it’s simply given a generous treatment of dry house rub, then smoked for flavor.

“Texas-style barbecue is not rushing it and not cutting any corners. Low and slow over mesquite wood brought in straight from Texas is always the way to go. Perfection takes time. Texans will stop at nothing to be the best, or we’ll die trying. If this means spending 15 hours or more tending our smoker to cook the perfect brisket, then that’s the price we pay for being the best.”

Big B’s Texas BBQ breathes this truly unique approach to barbecue. While neither Natalia nor Brian have a formal culinary education, cooking has always been a true passion that Brian has kept throughout his life. He always enjoyed cooking for friends and family, and many of them frequently told him he should open a restaurant. One day they decided to take a chance and go for it, and they never looked back.

Now, Big B’s Texas BBQ is two years old and has certainly aged well, featuring Brian’s favorite menu item—the brisket.

“The brisket is one of the hardest cuts of meat to make, but it is also the most rewarding,” he says. “The cut is thin and lean on one side (the flat) while thick and fatty on the other (the point), the grain runs in different directions and thick, well-cut briskets aren’t easy to come by. We think we’ve mastered it by close-smoking our brisket for 14 hours every night fresh.”

Prepare yourself for some authentic Texas-style barbecue. Before you even park your car, you can smell the smoky goodness—a sure sign of barbecue seriousness. Big B’s Texas BBQ offers meats smoked to perfection, washed down by beer or wine in a very rustic, backyard-like relaxed atmosphere with some genuine Southern hospitality.

Try it for yourself—gather up your friends and family and head over to Big B’s Texas BBQ, 3019 St. Rose Parkway Trail, #130 Henderson, NV 89052 or call 702.260.6327. 

Big B’s Texas BBQ is open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily! For more information, visit BigBzTexasBBQ.com. For all your special events and catering needs, call 702.260.6327 or email info@bigbztexasbbq.com.