Inspiring Children through Mentoring, Education and Entrepreneurship

Marty Hennessy’s Inspiring Children Foundation has been serving youth in the Las Vegas area for more than 14 years. Founded by tennis star Marty Hennessy in 2004, the foundation offers academic mentorship, athletic training programs and leadership events for local children.

ICF provides free tennis training to more than 300 children, encouraging a fun environment for kids to hone their athletic abilities, while also giving older students opportunities to mentor the next generation.

As for academic benefits, ICF’s academic programs emphasize the importance of scholarly performance. Ninety-five percent of the students in the leadership development program have received college scholarships, many to Ivy League schools.

ICF also offers a personal improvement program through a partnership with Jewel, the four-time Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and two-time New York Times best-seller. The program, Jewel Never Broken, uses curriculum inspired by the singer-songwriter’s own experiences “moving from homelessness to happiness,” to help other at-risk children.

Local businesses have caught on to how ICF helps better the community. In December, Windermere Prestige Properties hosted a silent auction at its annual holiday party to benefit the foundation. All 17 pieces of student-made artwork were sold to staff, agents and clients, leaving people inspired by the stories behind each piece.

“Our most valuable offering is our ‘psychology for life’ which essentially teaches our students how to be professionals at life,” Executive Director Trent Alenik says. “This encompasses a winner’s mindset: how to be hardworking, successful, emotionally intelligent, learn how to rest, relieve stress in healthy ways and how to be relentless in the pursuit of excellence.”