Create a Space in Your Home For Some Me Time

Existing in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives can be hectic! Between taking the kids to school, appointments, work deadlines, and trying to have a social life, we forget to take some time to just be with ourselves. It seems even more necessary today to make the time to unwind, listen to music, create art, write, paint or just chill and read a good book. It is possible to carve out some precious “me time,” which brings us to the question: where is my chill zone? My creative space? My space to just be me?

Local designer and home stager Jennifer Paxson has a few design inspiration spaces to give you some new ideas and help you create that space in your home where you can just relax. When creating your space you want to think about your interests and hobbies. Do you like meditating, listening to music or just need a space that is chic just to sit and read? The choice is yours but check out a few spaces Jennifer put together to guide you.

Boho Chic Space for the Well-Traveled

The inspiration for this space is boho. This space is an abode to the jetsetter who travels the world, someone who loves the free spirit vibe, and visualizes visiting faraway lands like India, Peru or Nepal. This boho look has a more chic and structured vibe, but you can still get the whole boho vibe with macramé wall hangings and textures like fur and velvet with exotic patterns on throw pillows or vases. The color palette brings in current trends of grays, neutrals and black, which make this space feel grown up and full of style. You can also incorporate your favorite color to create your own space.

Rustic Modern Music Space and Office

Maybe you are masculine and want a space to do your work and listen to your vintage vinyl? This is a warm, modern space for you guys. To create a rustic, modern vibe, bring in elements to appeal to the everyday man: a warm brown color palette, a rustic wood and metal desk, a large leather chair. You can hang your favorite music-themed art or get vinyl covers framed. Accessorize with a record player on an old trunk, coffee table books, fur pillows, maybe even a crystal skull or globe. Now all you need is a glass of whiskey—just sit back, relax and let the music rock!