Paul Sallach Helps Customers Learn to Fly

It was December 16, 1903. The brisk, cold wind rolls across the hills of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. It’s roughly 10:30, but just 59 seconds later, the world would be changed forever. This was the first manned flight ever, and since that fateful day, air travel has changed a lot. From larger planes to higher altitudes, the face of air travel looks nothing like it did before. However, air travel is evolving once again with All In Aviation.

We at Green Valley Lifestyle love innovation, so we invited Paul Sallach, the owner of All in Aviation, to tell us a little about his company. The first obvious question is, what is All In Aviation? 

“Well, it’s an experience, letting the customer save time and money by taking the controls, learning how to fly and getting to travel at the same time,” Paul says. “We also cater to the more experienced flyer, letting you get some air time under your belt by renting out our world-class aircraft.”

All In Aviation offers instructive flights from Nevada that let customers fly in Cirrus aircraft around the country, balancing luxury with practicality. And these aren’t just any ordinary planes.

“Cirrus planes are the leaders in comfort, safety, practicality and cutting-edge technology,” Paul says. “These planes have full airframe parachutes, built-in air conditioning (not standard with small prop planes) and many more amazing features.”

While this company may sound brilliant, it wasn’t always Paul’s dream, He went to school to become an airline pilot, but after 9/11, no airlines were hiring. What most would see as a desperate, dark time, Paul saw as an opportunity to do something more. He got appointed as a flight instructor for Cirrus Aircraft, and, after his contract, he decided he wanted to help others experience the joy he felt in the pilot’s seat. But he didn’t want to open any old flights school—he wanted to do it his way, and let his customers learn to fly their own way too.

Today, Paul continues that dream by traveling with people, teaching them to fly and soon hopes to grow even more. With All In Aviation taking off—he has recently opened up new facilities at the Henderson Executive Airport—he still makes time to travel.

“My favorite places to (fly to) are those little out-of-the-way airports not served by direct airline travel from Vegas: Death Valley, Napa and Aspen.”

Paul’s story is one of success because he was willing to go all in. Are you? So remember, it’s time to go all in! The truth is that the market has spoken, using Paul’s own words, people want, “safety, comfort and technology.” With the two All In Aviation locations at Henderson Executive Airport and the North Las Vegas Airport, the customers are getting just that.

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