Q&A with Ann Alenik

Green Valley Lifestyle sat down with extraordinary artist Ann Alenik to ask her some questions about her art. Ann has been handcrafting custom artwork in the Las Vegas area for more than two decades. Her fun and functional pieces have been showcased nationally in shows, galleries and featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever.”

What made you get into art?

I’ve always loved art and knew I could make anything. Working in engineering helped to open up my ability to make art, and gave me the ability to weld. I love to work with different colors, so painting and glasswork was a natural fit. But It wasn’t until I got the opportunity to decorate our first restaurant that I made pieces of artwork for the walls and customers kept asking if they could purchase them. When I finally started to sell them is when I began to explore my creative and artistic abilities fully. 

What artists do you admire?

Picasso. I like his abstract and colorful style. I’ve done many art shows, and I admire a lot of artists that I’ve met on the road. They all have great style and are very inspirational. 

What era of art inspires you?

Cubanism. A lot of the great abstract and modular artists from that period also really inspire my art. 

Does your cooking and engineering background help you with your art?

Cooking is a very creative way of putting things together. The presentation is making each plate look spectacular. The dish looks like a piece of art, much like putting the colors together in a painting. Engineering, on the other hand, lets me know that I can put anything together.

What is your favorite piece of art that you have created?

“The Goddess.” She’s painted on metal, inspired by a fabulous group of women and she has a headdress full of recycled metal objects. 

What is your favorite material to make art with?

Salvaged metal—recycled or repurposed pieces. I love the idea of making something beautiful out of nothing.

What gave you the idea of silverware and more practical art?

My best friend owned a restaurant supply company and was always asking me to make things for her. Being in the restaurant business gave me access to that. 

What gives you the inspiration for your art?

Traveling and seeing different cultures and colors. When I am in my desert studio that overlooks the beautiful Las Vegas Valley, I draw from the desert for my inspiration.