Art, Metal and Comic Cons

Jerry Pesce’s day is anything but average.

Almost every month, you’ll find him loading up his car and traveling to the next big city for a comic, horror or fantasy convention. There, he and his girlfriend, Serenity, set up Pesce Effects’ massive booth, complete with strobe lights and rock music. Throughout the convention, Jerry will chat with fans, sell art and take on commission work to be completed when he returns home.

“My art is my business and the one thing I can say that anyone who runs a business will agree: you are always working,” Jerry says. “Whether I’m drawing, envisioning or researching future pieces or commissions, I’m always creating things or thinking of ways to better our display at shows, or thinking of cool ways to sell my art. Sometimes it’s just nonstop.”

His intro to the world of art started when he was a small child.

“I loved drawing monsters. I even got an award in elementary school for turning every art project into a monster of some sort,” he says. “I became fascinated with special effects makeup and always had an affinity for that. From there spun a degree in lighting and scenery followed by a job in technical theater. But I never gave up drawing as my favorite pastime.”

The degree is what brought Jerry to Las Vegas where he became a full-time professional lighting director. He worked many corporate events and rock shows in town, including at the House of Blues, where he was responsible for lighting the bands on stage. But his love of art is what brings him out on the road month after month, doing his own touring gig of sorts. 

With Serenity acting as manager, the duo does roughly 30 shows a year all over the country. They pack up a vehicle with Jerry’s art on metal, paper prints, display pieces, lighting equipment, luggage and other gear, then head to the town hosting the convention.  

“We work hard to put on a killer display of my art using my knowledge of lighting to bring a unique display and an eye-catching presentation.”

Jerry’s unique style of art is a combination of skills and interests developed over time including digital drawing, textural knowledge from makeup effects, and a love of color and light. The next component, which gave Pesce Effects its signature look, was putting the art on metal, which has become his favorite canvas to work on.

“Once I started selling my art in this way, it pretty much stood out,” he says. “I put up to 30 to 40 layers in each of my pieces, and on metal, they almost look holographic.”

As the convention ends, the two dismantle the booth, repack the car and either head to the next town for a new show or head home where Jerry will begin work on the commissions he received at the convention. But he wouldn’t have it any other way.  

“I have come to realize that there are literally tens of thousands of people with my art in their homes across the country and abroad. It’s very rewarding to know I can make that many people happy.

“I love creating a commission for someone and knowing that I was able to make them so happy creating something they never even visualized before,” he says. “I also like inspiring young artists at shows by telling them anyone can be successful if they draw every day! We are at 30+ shows a year around the country and we always post our show schedule on our social media. If you’re in the area, come say hi!”

Find Pesce Effects online at, 
or @PescEffects on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter.