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Four Ways to Amp Up Your Fitness in 2018


CycleBar Henderson 

Boutique fitness studios have popped up not only in Las Vegas but around the country as well. The goal of these studios is to focus on a couple of fitness classes, like cycling or Pilates, and give them a personal approach. CycleBar Henderson is the perfect place to practice this trend.

“Boutique fitness is a huge growing trend in the U.S., especially cycling classes,” Gregorio Serrata from CycleBar Henderson explains. “People are tired of the impersonal big box approach. They want personal attention and specific training for their favorite fitness discipline.

The rhythm-based cycling classes captivate people because it doesn’t feel like a workout, but more of an interval-based party.” -Gregorio Serrata


Kimberly Castello Yoga

While yoga itself has been practiced for years upon years, Kimberly Castello, a yoga therapist, stresses the fitness trend of slow being the new fast. 

“Yoga is a proven technique for soothing the nervous system and bringing the body back into balance,” she says. “Although it has been used extensively and successfully throughout the Eastern cultures where yoga began, we are beginning to experience the benefits here in the West.” 

Kimberly stresses the importance that yoga has by how it can help people de-stress and slow down in their everyday lives. By focusing on deep breathing techniques and bringing together mind and body, the practice of yoga can remind you it’s okay to take time to be slow in your fast-paced lives.

FSY Tread Classes

FSY Fitness

A new trend in Las Vegas is available through FSY Fitness. In FSY Tread classes, athletes push themselves in new ways.

“Tread combines cardio and functional strength training to create the HIIT class you’ve been searching for,” Scott Lobenberg at FSY says. “Not only will you have an incredible workout, but you will continue to burn calories long after.”

A 45-minute long workout, FSY Tread is a high-intensity interval training class that consists of intervals on the treadmill and the floor using a variety of equipment. With each interval ranging from 3-10 minutes, this workout aims to move athletes through different heart rate zones and will get you in shape fast. Benefits include strength and flexibility improvement.

Loaded Movement Training

Tony Cress Training Center

A new fitness trend gaining popularity in the last few years is a concept called loaded movement training. Tony Cress from Tony Cress Training Center breaks down loaded movement training by comparing it to resistance training. 

“We typically think of resistance training as the external mass we apply to the human body, which is true,” Tony says. “The main way we apply this force is in a linear fashion—up and down, forward and backward, side to side, etc.—shifting the resistance, tilting the resistance, turning and rotating the resistance towards and away from the body.”

Loaded movement training comes with a vast amount of benefits, such as increasing heart health and lean muscles mass.

“An up-and-coming tool to utilize during LMT is the ViPR,” Tony says. “This tubelike apparatus comes in multiple sizes to challenge beginners as well as conditioned athletes in the same workout. In an hourlong workout, you’ll expand your movement capabilities, condition your whole body and burn up to 800 calories.”