15 Minutes of Fitness 5

A Get-Up-Off-the-Couch Workout You Can Do in Your Living Room!

Workout from Tony Cress of Tony Cress Training Center

This is a simple four-exercise circuit you can do during the commercials of your favorite TV program, which will keep you mobile, strong and stable. It’ll take 15 minutes, and you’ll do one set of each exercise during each commercial break, or four sets consecutively depending on how hard you want to work! Each exercise has modifications if needed.

Sets: 4

Reps: 10 of each exercise

Time: Around 15 minutes

Break Dancer

Start in a hands and knees position with your knees floating off the ground. Release your right hand and fit your left leg through the space where your right hand was.  Bring the leg and hand back to start, and repeat on opposite side. This move is great for flexibility and core stabilization.

Lunge With Overhead Reach

Standing with feet together and arms at your sides, take a lunge step out and down, raising your arms above your head simultaneously. You should feel a stretch from your back leg up into your abdomen. Step back and return to starting position. Repeat with other leg. This movement will strengthen the legs as well as open up tight hips we get from constantly sitting.


Start with your feet parallel to each other facing where 11 is on a clock. Put your left arm down inside your left thigh and your right arm up in the air. Keeping your right arm vertical, slowly push your hips back and to the right, sliding your left hand down your left leg. Push your hips forward to the left, returning to the start position. Flip your feet parallel pointing towards one on a clock, switch hand positions and repeat. This movement is a great hip opener, shoulder stabilizer and core strengthener.

Side Lunge With Floor Touch

With your feet together, take a step sideways towards the left, and try to sit down and back on that left hip. While sitting down, try to touch your hands to the floor without excessively leaning forward. Return to the start position, and repeat on the right side. This exercise is a wonderful leg strengthener and glute builder.