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The Shade Tree Provides Shelter for Those in Need

Run by a dedicated team of directors and volunteers, The Shade Tree is an organization committed to making a difference for women, children and elders in the Las Vegas area who are in need. Beginning as the Jubilee Ministries in 1989 and officially becoming The Shade Tree in 1990, its mission is to serve abused and homeless women and children. The Shade Tree is the only 24-hour accessible shelter in Las Vegas and provides comfort and relief to those in crisis who are victims of homelessness, domestic violence or human trafficking. Though the organization was started to serve women and children, in the past few years, they have begun to serve more senior citizens who are victims of elder abuse.

Stacey Lockhart became executive director of The Shade Tree in July and has been working hard her first few months to help The Shade Tree grow and make plans for the future. She plans to help The Shade Tree reconnect with the community and continue to build a hopeful and positive atmosphere for those who need it.

“My husband and I both believe there is no reason for anyone to be homeless, hungry or abused in the United States and if I can play a small role in helping those who turn to The Shade Tree, I will be doing something that has meaning and lifelong impact,” she says.

The Shade Tree has 364 beds and provides more than 100,000 nights of shelter a year and more than 165,000 meals yearly. It also offers many other services, and its residential area includes laundry facilities, libraries, training rooms and playrooms for children. Those staying at The Shade Tree also have access to medical care at Stallman Touro Medical Clinic. There are also courses available, covering life skills and health and fitness, along with workforce readiness courses. Through these services, The Shade Tree is not only providing shelter and healing for victims, but it’s also helping them prepare and build a healthy life for themselves when they leave. The Shade Tree has a partner on their campus called Noah’s Animal House which provides shelter and care for women’s and children’s pets.

“I chose The Shade Tree because I wanted to continue making a difference every day,” Stacey says. “Women and children need role models and support from people who care about them indiscriminately.”

The Shade Tree is always accepting volunteers. Volunteers can teach classes like yoga, computer skills, parenting or financial literacy. They can also participate in activities with the children and help host birthday parties. Stacey stresses there are many things people can do to help those at The Shade Tree.

“The list is endless, and we couldn’t do half of what we do without the support of our incredible volunteers and tireless volunteer coordinator, Marian Thomas,” she says.

The Shade Tree is continuing to grow and make connections with the community. They’ve launched a community giving campaign called #Investinus, and are currently doing some maintenance around their campus to continue to improve and provide the best possible services for those in need.

“There are dedicated, passionate people who work at, and volunteer at and for The Shade Tree, who are changing lives every day,” Stacey says. “We believe that we are worth the community investing in so we can continue the important work we do—not just sheltering women and children in crisis, but providing them with the tools and resources they need to become self-sufficient, independent and employed so they can care for themselves and their children.”

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