November 2017 Around Town

Mayor Debra March Selected for Women in Government Leadership Class of 2018

Mayor Debra March has been selected to serve in the Governing Institute’s Women in Government Leadership Program Class of 2018. Mayor March is one of only 25 new participants selected for the yearlong program designed to promote and support elected women leaders from across the nation.

“I am deeply honored to have been selected as a member of the 2018 Leadership Class and excited to join with my female colleagues in the program from across the country to highlight and encourage women’s leadership roles at all levels of government,” March says.

The women selected for the program are from 20 different states and almost all are elected officials serving in leadership roles from council chambers to statehouses.

Governing Institute’s Women in Government Leadership Program brings together outstanding elected women leaders from across the nation to acknowledge their contributions, provide leadership development and mentor the next generation of women leaders to run for office. The 75 alumnae of the program are now “paying it forward” by encouraging women candidates around the U.S. and supporting initiatives to elevate women in appointed, elected and staff positions in government.

Henderson Partners with Developer, Nonprofit and Community to Build an Outdoor Garden Classroom

The city of Henderson is partnered with the LandWell Company, Green Our Planet and area residents to build an outdoor garden classroom at Edna F. Hinman Elementary School, 405 E. Meralyne Drive, to give students a hands-on education about healthy foods and real-world earth science lessons.

The addition of the garden will provide students from the historic Pittman neighborhood with access to fresh produce as well as offer new learning opportunities surrounding healthy food that is locally grown. The outdoor garden classroom teaches students all aspects of gardening, from planting to tending to harvesting. Students will learn about ecology, water and life cycles, gardening tricks to help crops perform to their full potential and business plan creation for crops harvested.

The Hinman Elementary School outdoor garden classroom is one of the food and health strategies identified in the city’s Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan. The Pittman neighborhood revitalization effort is part of the “Invest Health” initiative, a national program designed to improve cities through better health.

City of Henderson Selects LaTesha Watson as New Police Chief

Henderson City Manager Bob Murnane announced Deputy Chief LaTesha Watson of the Arlington, Texas Police Department has been selected as Henderson’s new police chief, subject to ratification by the mayor and city council.

Watson began her law enforcement career in 1994 with the Hutchins Police Department in Hutchins, Texas, and worked for the Lewisville Police Department in Lewisville, Texas, before joining the Arlington, Texas Police Department in 2002. She was named deputy chief in 2014, becoming the youngest individual to hold that position in the history of the Arlington Police Department.

In addition to her law enforcement experience, Watson has a strong academic background that includes earning a Ph.D. in management and organizational leadership, a master’s in criminology and a bachelor’s in criminal justice. She is also an accomplished researcher who has studied police management, the history of policing and diversity issues in law enforcement.