Mothership Coffee Roasters Creates a Space for the Community 14

Mothership attracts locals with one-of-a-kind coffee

In Green Valley’s oldest shopping center lies Mothership Coffee Roasters, a far cry from your everyday Starbucks. Mothership Coffee Roasters is just 2 years old and is owned by Juanny Romero and Josh Walter, who are also the owners of Sunrise Coffee. Juanny and Josh noticed a lack of non-chain coffee shops in the Las Vegas area, and felt that it would be important to open a café that was unique to the community. They started by opening Sunrise Coffee in 2008, which has become a staple for locals and students to grab a cup of coffee on the go or to sit and enjoy with friends.

“We felt that Vegas lacked a community-oriented café,” Juanny says. “We started traveling a lot, saw a lot of local coffee shops and felt a lot kinship with that kind of atmosphere.”

The idea to open another coffee shop following Sunrise Coffee came when they started roasting their own coffee and baking inside Sunrise Coffee and quickly began to run out of space. The idea to have a roastery and bakery on-site surfaced, and Mothership was created. Not only is Mothership unique from the regular chain cafés you can find anywhere, but it’s also unique from Sunrise Coffee, with Juanny describing it as a “third wave” coffee shop. The coffee Mothership brews is high-quality and artisanal.

“The goal of Mothership was to be European, cosmopolitan and selective,” Juanny says.

Mothership has a selective and slim menu, serving classic espresso bar drinks and teas all in one size. Juanny says one reason they chose to be selective was so they could focus on the craft of making the drinks over trying to crank drinks out as quickly as possible. One of the most popular drinks on the menu is the Lavender Latte, which tastes sweet and light. The menu also contains traditional mochas, cappuccinos and macchiatos. Their “drip daily” drink is their single origin drip brewed coffee, which changes regularly. They also offer a variety of hot teas and a cold jasmine iced tea to help you cool off in the summer months.

In addition to the drinks they serve, Mothership also has a fresh farm-to-table bakery. They work directly with a farmer based out of California and bring all the produce here, so their sweets and savories are always fresh and in season. They have quiches, pies, croissants and popular vegan and gluten-free twinkies—a variety of things you can choose from if you need a snack.

While creating the bakery, Juanny says the goal was to minimize extra steps in the baking process. She wanted everything to be fresh and to leave the customers feeling satisfied after they ate it. She wanted fruit and flavor profiles to speak for themselves without any artificial flavoring.

“I wanted to serve something that I was proud of and wanted to eat,” Juanny says.

The unique name Mothership came about because Juanny and Josh are fans of science fiction. Mothership has a simple design inside, with clean white walls and tiled flooring that create a fresh atmosphere. There are a variety of tables and chairs both indoors and outdoors for people to sit and enjoy their treats, along with stool seating at a bar in front of the large windows. The smell inside is good enough to get you lost in Mothership all day, sitting and sipping on one-of-a-kind coffee with fellow members of the community.

“When you create a space and ambiance that allow people to congregate and use it for themselves, that makes it unique. You’re creating something that’s authentic and not homogenized,” Juanny says.

Mothership Coffee Roasters is located in Green Valley Plaza & Shops at 2708 N. Green Valley Parkway in Henderson and is open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday. Visit for more information.