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Chef Matthew Meyer brings creative cuisine to Green Valley

Nestled in the back of a Green Valley strip mall, chef Matthew Meyer brings a unique menu to the Green Valley area. A California transplant, Meyer tried his culinary artistry in other avenues, such as a fusion taco food truck and a small café before opening his latest venture, Served, located at 1770 W. Horizon Ridge Parkway, #100.

After previously serving only breakfast and lunch, Served is now also open for dinner, and the menu is anything but ordinary. A mix of Asian and Latin dishes are given a unique spin to tantalize the taste buds. The menu displays items such as Peruvian lomo saltado, corned beef bread pudding Benedict and apple pie tempura pancakes. Even the burgers are extraordinary, both in size and in complexity. The miso pork belly burger starts with an 8-ounce Angus beef patty, arugula salad (tossed with miso vinaigrette), provolone cheese, thick tomato slices, wasabi mayo, pickles (made in-house) and is topped off with marinated roast pork belly.

“Our pork belly is specially marinated for a whole day and is then slow-cooked for seven hours, sealing in the most amazing flavors,” Matthew says.

That is just the start to the labor of love this chef brings to all his dishes, though.

“I always wanted to own a restaurant where all the dishes on the menu were things I knew I would love to eat. That’s how Served got started. When I opened the doors, I had no recipes to start with. I just created great food, and the menu grew from there. ”

He takes his craft seriously, too. Everything from the kimchi to the blackberry salsa is made in the restaurant. Their brisket is aged for three weeks before it’s made.

“I like to experiment,” Matthew says. “Cooking and creating, that’s the easy part; it’s running a restaurant as a business that took a bit of learning.”

While the restaurant is not in direct sight from the street on which it resides, Served relies on word-of-mouth and positive online reviews to attract new foodies while keeping fans of the restaurant coming back for new and exciting dining options. To keep things interesting for his patrons, Matthew likes to change the menu from time to time, adding new items that quickly become huge hits.

“The short-rib chili cheeseburger. You have to try that, it’s amazing!” the chef says. “We make the chili ourselves and the short-ribs that go into it make it taste like no other chili. On a burger, it’s an incredible mix of flavors—like nothing I’ve ever tasted before!”

Some of the ingredients that go into his entrees are definitely not things you find at your local grocery store, either. When asked what his favorite dish on the menu is, Meyer pontificates and says, “The salmon panag.
It took a lot of work to source the ingredients for that. With the spicy panang curry and garlic fried rice, it’s one of my favorite creations.”

So when you are in the mood for a meal that definitely takes Green Valley dining to a whole new level, you owe it to yourself to be Served.

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